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Willow Machine

Willow Machine

Technical  Specification

  • Suitable For Opening, Cleaning & Dust Removing Of Fiber
  • All Types of Wool & Man Made Fibers Can Be Processed Be This Machine
  • No. of Cylinder Two (400 MM Each) No. Of Spikes 8
  • 8 Spikes on Each Plate
  • 2 Feed Roll
  • Feeding Through Fluted Roller and Conveyor
  • Variable Speed Gear Box with Inverter Drive
  • Automatic Self Lubrication System
  • Electrical & Fitting Complete With
  • Standard Accessories and Motor of
  • Standard Make and Relevant Fitting

Why Choose GS Textile India Pvt. Ltd.'s Willow Machine?

  • Efficiency and ProductivityOur machine maximizes productivity and throughput, helping you meet production targets and deadlines with ease.

  • Versatility and FlexibilityWith its ability to handle various fiber types and adjustable settings, our Willow Machine offers unmatched versatility, catering to diverse fiber processing needs.

  • Precision and QualityWith precision fiber opening technology, our machine ensures consistent fiber quality and enhances the performance of downstream processes.

  • Reliability and DurabilityBuilt to last with robust materials and precision engineering, our machine offers reliable performance and longevity, providing excellent value for your investment.

  • User-Friendly OperationThe intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make our Willow Machine easy to operate, reducing training time and enhancing operational efficiency.

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