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About Us

About Us


Incepted in the year 1955, “GSL Textile India Private Limited” is one of the leading Manufacturer and Trader firms of Carding Machine, Textile Machine, Textile Cutting Machines, Textile Finishing Machine, etc. We have recruited a staff of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who are well-trained to understand and fulfill the diversified demands of patrons, within the promised time frame.

Our Property

Established over six decades ago, GS Textiles India Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. has continued to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the textile industry. Our journey began with the vision of delivering innovative solutions that improve productivity, efficiency and quality in textile manufacturing. As manufacturers of a wide range of textile machines ranging from Raising, Shearing, Brushing, Polishing, Thermo Brushing, Carding machines, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of technological advancement to meet the evolving needs of the textile industry. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with our relentless pursuit of quality, has earned us the trust and recognition of our customers worldwide..

Our Expertise

We specialize in the design, development and manufacture of textile machinery, and are proud to offer a complete range of machines that meet the needs of all stages of textile manufacturing. From Raising machines to Shearing, Brushing, Polishing, Thermal Brushing, Carding machines, we offer innovative solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

Quality Assurance

G. S. Textiles India Pvt. Ltd., quality is not just a promise; It’s a way of life. We are proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which meets the highest international standards in manufacturing and quality control. Every machine that leaves our factory is rigorously tested and inspected to ensure efficiency and reliability.

Our Commitment

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled service and support to our clients, helping them achieve operational excellence and stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. Our team of experienced professionals work tirelessly to understand your specific needs and provide customized solutions that exceed your expectations.

Quality Assurance

Moving forward, our focus remains on innovation, sustainability and continuous improvement. We are committed to investing in research and development to develop next-generation textile machinery that not only increases productivity but also reduces environmental impact.