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Shearing Cum Polishing  Machine

Shearing Cum Polishing Machine

Technical Specification

  • Working Width: 1500mm To 3600mm.
  • Delivery Speed: 25-30 Mtr/Min.
  • Shearing Cylinder Dia: 142mm W/o Spiral Blade With Spiral 190mm.
  • No of Spiral: 24, 26.
  • Polishing Roller Dia: 320mm.
  • Polishing Roller Speed: 650 To 1000 Rpm.
  • Heater Power: 18Kw. For Terry Towel.
  • Steam Roller.
  • Permanent Magnate & Metal Detector.
  • Heavy Duty Blower With 10Hp Motor.


  1. Fully Automatic With PLC System.
  2. AC Drive.
  3. All Rollers Dynamically Balanced.
  4. Metal Detector For Accidental Free Operation.
  5. Auto Lubrication System.
  6. Heavy Duty Structure.


  • Knitted Fabric.
  • Tarry Towel.
  • Carpet.

At GS Textile India Pvt. Ltd., we are excited to present our innovative Shearing Cum Polishing Machine, a versatile solution designed to streamline fabric finishing processes with precision and efficiency. With over six decades of experience in manufacturing textile machinery since 1955, we bring you a machine that combines shearing and polishing functionalities to achieve exceptional fabric quality.

Special Features:

  1. Dual FunctionalityOur Shearing Cum Polishing Machine integrates both shearing and polishing functions into a single unit, allowing for efficient and seamless fabric finishing processes. This versatile design eliminates the need for separate machines, saving space and resources.

  2. Precision EngineeringMeticulously engineered for precision, our machine ensures uniform shearing and polishing of fabric surfaces. This results in a smooth, even finish that enhances the appearance and texture of the material.

  3. Enhanced Fabric QualityBy removing excess fibers and surface imperfections through shearing and polishing, our machine improves the overall quality of the fabric. The result is a superior finish that meets the highest industry standards.

  4. Adjustable ParametersThe machine features adjustable settings for shearing blade pressure, polishing speed, and other parameters, allowing operators to customize the process according to specific fabric requirements. This flexibility ensures optimal results for different fabric types and characteristics.

  5. High EfficiencyEngineered for high-speed operation, our Shearing Cum Polishing Machine maximizes productivity and throughput. Its efficient design minimizes processing time, enabling faster production cycles and increased output.

  6. User-Friendly InterfaceEquipped with an intuitive interface and user-friendly controls, our machine makes operation simple and straightforward. Operators can easily set parameters, monitor performance, and make adjustments as needed, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

  7. Robust ConstructionBuilt with high-quality materials and precision engineering, our Shearing Cum Polishing Machine is designed for durability and long-term reliability. It can withstand the demands of continuous operation in demanding production environments.

  8. Safety FeaturesSafety is a top priority in our machine design. The Shearing Cum Polishing Machine includes safety features such as emergency stop buttons, protective guards, and interlocking systems to ensure safe and secure operation for operators.

Why Choose GS Textile India Pvt. Ltd.'s Shearing Cum Polishing Machine?

  • Versatility and Space EfficiencyOur machine combines two essential fabric finishing functions into one, saving space and resources while maximizing productivity.

  • Precision and QualityEngineered with precision, our Shearing Cum Polishing Machine ensures consistent and high-quality fabric finishes, meeting the most stringent industry standards.

  • Efficiency and ProductivityDesigned for high-speed operation, our machine maximizes efficiency and throughput, helping you meet production targets and deadlines with ease.

  • Reliability and Durability:Constructed with robust materials and precision engineering, our Shearing Cum Polishing Machine offers reliable performance and longevity, providing excellent value for your investment.

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