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Semi Worsed Cum Woolen Carding Machine

Semi Worsed Cum Woolen Carding Machine


  • Semi worsted & woolen combined purpose card of 2 1⁄2 swift a quick interchange system from semi worsted sliver system to woolen rubbing condenser system.
  • Suitable for all kind of wool fiber (diameter 25 to 40 micron and length 2 to 5 inches)
  • The yarn of woolen system ranges from 1 Nm to 10 Nm.
  • Hopper Feeder:
    •  Consist of three feeding lattice (with one enclave smooth and equal feeding to get uniform delivery)
    •  Equipped with metal detector
    • Automatic feeding weight equalizer system of volumetric photoelectric cell 
    • Storage capacity 50 Kg. / One time
  • Equipped with fancy Roller covered with Flexible Clothing, Fancy Clearer Attached with Fly Comb, Burr Roller and Burr Tray
  • Flexible delivery system with Rubbing Condenser to convert web into Roving Cake (to Be Processed in Woolen System)
  • Special Conveyer to convert web into Sliver and putting into Coiler for Semi Worsted Spinning Process
  • Equipped with Branded Bearings (Like SKF), Metallic Card Clothing (wire or Germany Damgaurd)
  • Equipped with Flexible Card Clothing (like Boity, Italy)

Technical Specification

  1. Working Width of the Card - 1000 Mm No. of Feed Roller (Diameter 90mm) with Metallic Wire - 3.
  2. Licker-in cum Burr Rollers (Diameter 500mm) Covered with Licker in Wire - 1.
  3. No. of worker and Striper On Licker-in - 2 Pairs
  4. Diameter of Transfer Roller Covered with Metallic Wire - 300 mm
  5. Diameter of Main Cylinder Covered with Metallic Wire - 800 mm
  6. No. of worker on Cylinder Covered with Metallic Wire - 4
  7. No. of Striper on Cylinder Covered with Metallic Wire - 4
  8. Doffer diameter - 800 mm
  9. Diameter of Scotch Feed Roller (for Proper Blending Of Fiber) - 600 mm
  10. Equipped With Doff Master and Pralta Roller with Mechanical Pressure and Squash Feed
  11. Diameter of Main Cylinder covered With Flexible Clothing - 800 mm
  12. No. of worker on Cylinder - 4
  13. No. of Striper on Cylinder - 4
  14. Diameter of Doffer covered with Flexible Clothing - 800 mm
  15. Electrical & Fitting Complete With Standard Accessories and Motor of Standard Make and Relevant Fitting

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