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Flock Cutting Machine

Flock Cutting Machine

Technical Specification_

  • Working Width 150 mm
  • Flat Cut Cutting machine (Like Pulp)
  • Production Capacity 600 to 800 Kg./20 Hours
  • Six Tow Feed & Variable speed
  • Raw Jute's tow weight 300 gm /meter
  • 2 HP motor with AC drive (Fuji, Japan)
  • One conveyor with tow feed system
  • Compressed Air 8 Bar (Provided by You)
  • Continue Tow form
  • Regular Feed (Raw jute) 1 mm to 5 mm fine cut

    At GS Textile India Pvt. Ltd., we are excited to introduce our cutting-edge Flock Cutting Machine, a specialized solution designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of flock cutting processes. With over six decades of experience in textile machinery manufacturing since our establishment in 1955, we bring you a machine engineered to meet the demands of modern textile production and deliver superior results.

    Special Features:

    1. Precision Flock Cutting:

      • Our Flock Cutting Machine is equipped with advanced cutting blades and precision controls to ensure accurate and clean cuts of flock materials. Whether it's nylon, polyester, or rayon flock, our machine delivers precise cutting results consistently.
    2. Versatile Flock Compatibility:

      • Designed to handle various types of flock materials, our machine offers exceptional versatility. From short-length fibers to long-length fibers, our machine can effectively cut different flock materials with ease.
    3. Adjustable Cutting Parameters:

      • Operators can adjust cutting parameters such as cutting speed, blade pressure, and cutting depth to customize the cutting process according to specific flock characteristics and cutting requirements. This flexibility allows for optimal cutting results and minimizes flock waste.
    4. High-Speed Operation:

      • Engineered for efficiency, our Flock Cutting Machine is designed for high-speed operation, maximizing productivity and throughput. Its efficient design minimizes processing time, enabling faster cutting cycles and increased flock output.
    5. Uniform Cutting Quality:

      • With its precision cutting mechanisms and controlled cutting parameters, our machine ensures uniform cutting quality across the entire flock material. This results in clean and precise cuts, minimizing flock waste and ensuring smooth edges.
    6. Robust Construction:

      • Constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering, our Flock Cutting Machine is built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in demanding production environments. Its robust construction ensures durability and long-term reliability, minimizing maintenance requirements and downtime.
    7. Safety Features:

      • Safety is paramount in our machine design. The Flock Cutting Machine is equipped with various safety features, including emergency stop buttons, protective guards, and interlocking systems, ensuring safe and secure operation for operators at all times.

    Why Choose GS Textile India Pvt. Ltd.'s Flock Cutting Machine?

    • Precision and QualityOur machine is engineered to deliver precise cutting results consistently, ensuring clean and accurate cuts for optimal flock utilization.

    • Efficiency and ProductivityDesigned for high-speed operation, our machine maximizes productivity and throughput, helping you meet cutting requirements and deadlines with ease.

    • Versatility and FlexibilityWith its ability to handle various flock materials and adjustable cutting parameters, our Flock Cutting Machine offers unmatched versatility, catering to diverse cutting needs.

    • Reliability and DurabilityBuilt to last with robust materials and precision engineering, our machine offers reliable performance and longevity, providing excellent value for your investment.

    • User-Friendly OperationThe intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make our Flock Cutting Machine easy to operate, reducing training time and enhancing operational efficiency.

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