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Gill Boxes /Draw Head

Gill Boxes /Draw Head

Types of gill box_

  • Intersecting Gill Head (JUTE)
  • Crimping & Trimping System (Jute, Silk, Sizal, Hump.
  • Bannana Fabric.
  • Chain Gill Head
  • Rotary Gill Head


  • The boxes consists of delivery part, draft part, gill part, feed part, transmission mechanism and pneumatic cleaning device and a creel.
  • Can be equipped with a delivery device suitable for various kind of can or ball to suit any type of process. 
  • The Sliver irregularity control device has a controlling range of + or - 25%
  • Speed adjustment is done with a speed changing device according to the irregularity measure of sliver
  • Easy operation and maintenance is ensured by incorporating variation, central lubrication, Draft change by gear box and Groping of drivers

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