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Fabric Heat Setting Machine (Tubular)

Fabric Heat Setting Machine (Tubular)

GSL Designed universal Proper Heat setting Without variation temperature with PLC controlled quick heating arrangement with D.C. Heater Special Design for Lycra feeding fabric arrangement. all type of man made fabric like PC., Polyester, Spun & other blended fabric.

Technical Specification

  • Temperature: 100° C - 350° C Variable Temperature With PLC Adjustment Command From Computer For Equal Temperature. Structure: Heavy Duty Structure.
  • Paint: Epoxy Paint (Shock Resistant).
  • Drives: 3 Drives Controlled With PLC, HMI.
  • Gear Box: 4 Gear Boxes of 1Kw Each. Heater: 16 D.C. Heaters of 2.5 Kw Each.
  • Operating Panel: Computerized (HMI). Spares:
  • All Parts Induction Hardening. Maintenance: Free Maintenance.
  • Delivery Speed: 5-30 Mtr/Min.
  • Efficient Steam: Chamber.
  • Heavy Duty Structure.
  • Easy To Operate.


  • Lycra Fabric.
  • Poly Cotton Fabric.
  • Polyester.
  • Spun.
  • Blended Fabric.
  • All Type Of Man Made Fabric.

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