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Roll Opener

Roll Opener


This machine is used for roll to plating. It is suitable for raising machine.

  • Industrial Field: Woven Working Width: 1200mm
  • Input and Output: Pile / Roll / Big Batch
  • Roll Diameter: 400-500 mm
  • Machine Speed: 5-50 mtrs./min
  • Total Load: 1-2Hp

    At GS Textile India Pvt. Ltd., we are delighted to present our Roll Opener, a specialized solution designed to streamline the opening and preparation of textile rolls for further processing. With over six decades of experience in textile machinery manufacturing since our establishment in 1955, we bring you a machine engineered to meet the demands of modern textile production and deliver superior results.
  • Special Features:

    1. Efficient Roll OpeningOur Roll Opener is designed to efficiently open textile rolls, including fabrics, garments, and technical textiles, ready for subsequent processing stages. It helps eliminate wrinkles, creases, and distortions in the material, ensuring smooth and uniform fabric presentation.

    2. Versatile Roll Handling:The machine is capable of handling various types of textile rolls, from lightweight fabrics to heavy-duty materials. It accommodates different roll widths and diameters, providing flexibility to meet diverse production requirements.

    3. Gentle Fabric TreatmentWith its carefully engineered mechanisms, our Roll Opener ensures gentle handling of textile rolls, minimizing the risk of fabric damage or distortion during the opening process. This gentle treatment helps preserve the integrity and quality of the material.

    4. Precise Control and AdjustmentEquipped with advanced control systems, the machine offers precise adjustment of opening parameters such as roll speed, tension, and pressure. Operators can fine-tune these settings to achieve the desired opening results for different types of textile materials.

    5. Robust ConstructionBuilt with high-quality materials and precision engineering, our Roll Opener is designed for durability and long-term reliability. Its robust construction ensures stable operation even under demanding production conditions, minimizing maintenance requirements and downtime.

    6. Safety FeaturesSafety is paramount in our machine design. The Roll Opener is equipped with safety interlocks, emergency stop buttons, and protective guards to ensure safe operation for operators and prevent accidents.

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