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High Speed Hydraulic Type Raising Machine

High Speed Hydraulic Type Raising Machine


  • Electro Magnetic Braking Device.
  • Electro-Static Eliminator.
  • Hydraulic-Pressure Differential Device.
  • Cloth-Tension Adjusting DeviceSelvedge And Fabric Center Calibrating Device. 
  • Safety Device.
  • Selvedge And Fabric Center Calibrating Device. 
  • Hydraulic System Of Denfos & Denison.
  • Total Power 33Hp.


  • Clothing.
  • Blanket.
  • Overcoats.
  • Synthetic Leather.
  • Inner Linings.
  • Plush For Sofa Car Seat.
  • Push For Indoor Trimming.
  • Pile & Counter Pile And Felting.


  1. All Rollers Are Dynamically Balanced.
  2. All Roller Shafts Are Induction Hardened And Ground.
  3. All Rollers Have Double Bearing.
  4. Electric Motor & Electric Switches Of India Made
  5. Available Working Width From 1800mm To 4000mm.
  6. Main Cylinder Rollers Available In 24, 30, 36 Numbers. 

G. S. Textiles India Pvt. Ltd., we are proud to introduce our excessive tempo hydraulic kind lifting tool which sets the brand new modern day in fabric completing era. This advanced device has been designed for accuracy, efficiency and reliability, to meet the stringent dreams of nowadays’s fabric producers.

Special Features:

High-Speed Performance: Our excessive-pace hydraulic kind lifting tool abilities a effective hydraulic tool, which lets in cloth lines to be lifted quick, significantly growing pace and productivity. Experience remarkable efficiency and overall performance with this modern answer.

Hydraulic Control: Our gadget’s hydraulic manage machine presents unique and easy operation, allowing for satisfactory adjustments to alter altitude, energy, and distinct parameters. This advanced control mechanism guarantees uniform and consistent consequences at some stage in cloth.

Rugged Construction: Built to resist the trials of non-prevent operation, our hydraulic type fast lifters characteristic rugged production and advanced substances. Its constant schedule guarantees lengthy going for walks hours, minimum downtime, and most pass returned on funding in your corporation.

Applications: From leather to cotton, synthetics, and blends, our hydraulic type excessive-pace lifter can device a large sort of fabrics readily. Its versatile design and customizable layout make it appropriate for lots of productions, assembly the particular wishes of your business organisation.

User-pleasant interface: Designed for operator comfort our product boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies operations and reduces training time. Operators can with out trouble screen tool performance, adjust settings and troubleshoot to make certain proper operation clean and green manufacturing strategies. 

High-Quality Results: Experience immoderate high-quality stop with our high tempo hydraulic type lifting machine. Its rapid operation, particular manipulate and dependable operation guarantee superb outcomes, and deliver your garments texture, softness and beauty.

Why You Chose GS Textiles India Pvt. Ltd. High-Speed Hydraulic Type Raising Machine?

Exceptional tempo: Our tool gives unmatched speed and overall performance, permitting you to reap better production charges in plenty much less time.

Consistency: Benefit from consistent water utility, ensuring uniform and steady lifting outcomes on all material types.

Durability: With its rugged creation and superior materials, our merchandise are designed to closing, imparting dependable overall performance and lengthy-term price for your commercial agency.

Versatility: From gentle cotton to heavy-duty substances, our gadget can deal with a huge variety of fabrics, providing bendy answers for solution for diverse production needs.

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