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Shearing Machine

What is shearing machine

The function of this machine is to cut the pile (or the yarn), present on a fabric surface, at a constant level of height. … The s machine can process a wide range of knitted fabrics, first of all we have to point out that knitted fabrics can not be processed in tubular form, on the shearing machine

The machine is equipped with a new type of shearing unit, completely re-designed with modern CAD workstations and created with the cooperation of our customers. The new shearing unit allows to shear even the toughest fibres without problems. It is possible to process at higher speed, without losing quality. The drive by inverters adds many advanced functions to the machine such as precises control of the fabric tension. Even the most delicate fabrics can be processed without stress. It allows reverse motion which is very useful for checking the shearing result immediately after shearing.

by moving the fabric backwards and avoid marks at stops and starts. During the reverse motion, the fabric keeps its pre-set fabric tension. The machine also allows to store processing data of each fabric

and recall them at a later time, when processing the same kind of fabric.

Shearing machine

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