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Computerized Raising Machine

Computerized Raising Machine


  • Working width: 1800-3600
  • Roller dia: 70mm-80mm.
  • No. of roller: 24.
  • Gear box: Imported (Italian).
  • Motor: Siemens.
  • Control Panel: Indian Make.
  • Operation Type: Fully automatic with PLC & HMI.
  • Blower: Heavy duty with 10Hp.
  • Total load: 50kW.
  • Delivery speed: 5-20 Mtr/min.


  1. Fabric Turning Device.
  2. Single Person Operating.
  3. Production: 5-6 Tons.
  4. All Rollers Are Dynamically Balanced.
  5. All Rollers Have Double Bearings.
  6. Heavy Duty Structure.

In G.S. Textile India Pvt. Ltd., we are extremely proud to exhibit our cutting-edge digital merchandise that represent innovation within the textile industry With over 60 years of enjoy as a main apparel manufacturer, we've got advanced modern solutions this to redefine finishing touches to satisfy the converting needs of our customers.

Special Features:

  • Precision Technology: Our electronic amplifiers are carefully designed to produce steady and uniform consequences. Through advanced manipulate systems, operators can great-song parameters such as top pace, anxiety and altitude to attain a really perfect finish each time.
  • Versatility: Our device is designed to handle quite a few fabric types from tender cotton to complex synthetics, offering extraordinary versatility. Regardless of the materials we use, our digital elevators adhere to the highest standards of excellent and craftsmanship to ensure splendid outcomes.
  • Performance Redefined: Experience elevated efficiency and decreased downtime with our automated elevators. Infrastructure which include wiring and self-cleaning machines enhance performance and increase efficiency and productiveness.
  • User-friendly interface: makes work less difficult for experts Our product boasts an intuitive interface. Real-time tracking and evaluation empowers employees to results easily keep top productiveness, making sure smooth operations and rapid problem fixing
  • Performance: Our digital lifts are engineered to face up to the demands of continuous operation, proposing long lasting materials and rugged creation. Backed with the aid of our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we keep the very best requirements of excellent and reliability.

Why You Chose G.S. Textile India Pvt. Ltd. A automatic parenting device?

  1. Legacy of Excellence: With its history dating again to 1955, GS Textiles India Pvt. Ltd. Is a trusted call in fabric equipment industry. Our commitment to innovation and nice is unwavering, ensuring that our products suit and exceed client expectancies.
  2. Industry-leading technology: Stay at the forefront of our industry-leading technologies. Our automated elevators constitute the contemporary advancements in fabric equipment, empowering you to reap advanced outcomes and keep a aggressive edge in the marketplace.
  3. Comprehensive guide: From session to installation and beyond, our committed team provides full help each step of the way. Committed on your achievement, we offer technical knowledge, training and ongoing support to ensure most price from our products.

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