GSL Textiles India Private Limited


GSL Textile India is well known in India and overseas market for developing latest technology of textile machinery, now we developed Double Drum Raising Machine. this machine is very suitable for all kinds of fabric including cotton fabric, two third fleece, three third fleece, blanket, shawl, etc. its provide very fine quality of raising,

GSL RAISING MACHINE is composed of two superimposed raising drums, with 24 or 28 raising rollers each drum. The machine is capable of processing the same face twice or both faces of the fabric. This makes this machine a very versatile machine, with an high productivity.


Although it is a machine with vertical arrangement of the raising drums, it features a very easy maintenance and safe access to all the components. being fully PLC controlled and inverters driven, the double drum raising machine is very easy to use.

The DOUBLE DRUM RAISING MACHINE is composed of two raising drums, placed one above the other, for a better optimization of the space and for an higher flexibility of process. With the double drum configuration it is possible to process both the faces of the fabric, or twice the same face. in one passage only. The possibility of rotation of the raising drums, in both directions.

The kinematics of the machine, have been engineered in order to reduce the power consumption and increase the mechanical efficiency. The machine is equipped with raising energy recovery system for a low consumption of electricity.

Each axle of the machine is directly driven by AC motors with inverters, as a result,

all the intermediate transmissions by belts and gears have been replaced by gearboxes directly connected to the motors.

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