bullet Electro-magnetic braking device
bullet Electro-static eliminator
bullet Hydraulic-pressure differential device
bullet Cloth-tension adjusting device
bullet Safety device
bullet Electronic yard counter
bullet Selvedge and fabric center calibrating device
bullet Hydraulic system of Denfos & Denison
bullet Total power 33HP


bullet Clothing
bullet Blanket
bullet Overcoats
bullet Synthetic Leather
bullet Inner linings
bullet Plush for sofa car seat
bullet Push for indoor trimming
bullet Pile & Counter Pile and Felting

Technical features


All rollers are dynamically balanced

bullet All Roller Shafts are induction hardened and ground
bullet All Rollers have double bearing
bullet Electric motor & electric switches of ABB or Siemens
bullet Available working width from 1800mm to 4000mm
bullet Main cylinder Rollers available in 24, 30, 36 numbers
Mechanical Gear Type Raising Machine
High Speed Hydraulic Raising Machine
Raising Related Machine
Tubular Cutter
Three in One High Speed Card Clothing Sharping And Lapping Machine
Shearing Machine
Combined Shearing Cum Polishing Machine
Computerized Shearing Machine
Brushing Machine



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