The card series offered by GSL are a result of extensive feedback from the end users and the long time experience of technocrats in this field. Based on the user inputs, the selection of clothing, electrical drives and mechanical engineering are determined and incorporated.
GSL offers the following Carding machines
bullet Jute Card - GSL Galaxy Tandom Bhupa Jute Card Model BF 3000
bullet Worsted Card
bullet 1.5 Semi-Worsted Card
bullet Woolen Card
bullet Silk Card - 2.5 Swift Silk Carding Machine
bullet Carding Related Machines
  bullet2 Willow Machine / Opening Machine
Carding Machine

The Card Characteristics

Long term reliability
High yield due to raised cylinder position and reduced dead angle
High Production due to working widths up to 3.0m and optimum use of carding points
Use of Volumetric hopper with continuous fiber feed to ensure even and regular feeding which results in good sliver
Dynamic and Static balance of Rollers

To ensure the production of top quality sliver, all the Cards are fit with Doff Master which has the following advantages over conventional combs.

  1. Requires minimum maintenance

  2. Stripping is positive from doffer

  3. Capable of stripping at high speed with any web density without any problem.

  4. High doffer speeds enable central and minimum recycling production rate to optimum sliver quality

All the guards are equipped with inter-locking system which stops the machine when any guard is opened.
Hopper feeder is fitted with permanent magnet
Metal detector device is fitted to stop the machine when metallic foreign body is detected. The safety system stops the feed rollers immediately and stops the machine.  

GSL WCPC, GSLFWY, GSLWCI cards are mainly designed for carding of wool, mohair, goat hair

GSLFWM1825, FWM1620, M3036 cards are designed for acrylic, polyamide, polyester, viscose, polypropylene material.

Worsted Card
Semi-Worsted Card
Woolen Card
Jute Card
Silk Card
Carding Related Machines
Willow Machine / Opening Machine



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