Mr. Ghansham Singh Lotey - Founder and chairman of GSL.
His hard work over the last 3 decades has built strong pillars for GSL. Fondly known as Lotey, he is a very enthusiastic person and has built a strong network in the industry. He is the initiator of the 'Trading' concept in GSL. With good technical and business skills, he has expanded the Company by manufacturing various range of textile machinery and by trading the best machine tools from European and US markets. He has won the ‘Vijay Ratna award for Excellence in Industry’ by Govt. Of India.


Mr. Lakhveer Singh Lotey - Director Technical, GSL
He is ‘The technical brain’ of GSL, heading the R&D division. He is popularly known and recognized as 'Bhupa'. His technical skills have won him undue respect and many laurels from the global textile community. He is the key person for all the innovations at GSL. The integrated Jute Card machine which is his key innovation is named after him and is called ‘GSL Galaxy Tandom Bhupa Jute card model BF3000’


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Charandeep Singh

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