This is the GSL innovation and is the first kind in the world. The design combines two machines namely GSL Breaker cum Finisher Jute Card and Auto-Leveler intersecting Rotary Gill Head

Feature Highlights


Equivalent of 4 Breaker cum Finisher Jute cards and 4 gill boxes.

bullet The parallel web is feed from the auto leveler directly into the GSL Breaker Cum Finisher Jute
bullet Card with Auto Leveler Intersecting Rotary Gill Head.
bullet Designed specially for Jute regular and even sliver weight.
bullet Assured long life of Wooden Staves.
bullet Breaker Card Wooden Staves of Doffer is self cleaning system.
bullet Feed Roller is quick cleaning system.
bullet Silver is regular, long fiber and parallel.

Technical Specifications

Breaker Card
bullet Spreader roll weight machine consist of 9 such spreader roll : 250 gm/m
bullet Feed roller speed : 5-10 m/min.
bullet Speed of main cylinder: 750-1900 m/min.
bullet Worker Speed:  25-100 m (Variable)
bullet Doffer Speed:  50-70 m/min.
Finisher Card
bullet Cylinder surface speed: 800-1000 m/min.
bullet Worker Speed:  20-100 m/min. (Variable)
bullet Doffer Speed: 50-70 m/min.

Jute Card machine with auto-liver intersecting Rotary Gill Head

GSL Breaker cum Finisher Jute Card with Auto Leveler Intersecting Rotary Gill Head


1.5 to 3.5 draft delivery speed: 100 – 150 m/min.

bullet Production:   12 Tons per day (20 hours)


bullet Less Breakage of fiber because no breaker draft in finisher
bullet Low Maintenance
bullet Overhead expenses are less then old card
bullet Low power consumption @ 25 HP
bullet Lesser Area occupied @ 35’ x 12’ = 420Sq. ft.
bullet Less Man Power – requirement of manpower reduced to ¼ that of what is required for 4 cards and 4 gill boxes
bullet Low Cost
bullet Sliver fiber length is 12” to 5” as compared to 12” to 1” of pervious cards
bullet Minimum Wastage
bullet Sliver weight is equal due to Auto Leveler
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