bullet Automatic device to move fabric backwards every time the machine stops.
bullet Automatic seam jumping through the special sensors provided for seams detection. In this way, the machine will automatically reject the minimum fabric quantity astride of seams.
bullet Driving system with inverter-controlled three phase motors, as well as independent impulse controls for each device.
bullet Alert on operator console and indication on tower light while metal come across the fabric and machine will stop automatically
bullet Display of alerts on screen
bullet Variable speed motor drives to allow operational changes from operator console
bullet Automatic lubrication system in the machine.


bullet Brushed woven fabrics
bullet Brushed knitted fabrics
bullet Textured woolen cloth
bullet Pile plush
bullet Flannel overcoat
bullet Blanket
bullet Finishing on-pile surfaces
bullet Anti-pilling for shearing

Technical features

bullet GSL Shearing machine 3600mm with HMI system
bullet Working width 3500mm
bullet Suitable for terry towel
bullet Length of spiral blades 3600mm (From Heusch Germany)
bullet 28 spiral blades in main cylinder
bullet 13 file cut 2mm of spiral blade
bullet Ledger blades (H4) 5x100mm (From Heusch)
bullet Cylinder diameter without spirals 176mm
bullet 4 Italian gear box with 2HP motor with inverter
bullet Main cylinder motor 5HP variable speed with inverter
bullet Heavy duty blower with 10HP motor 1440 rpm
bullet Roller covering with tape (From Rolltex Germany)
bullet All machine rollers will be dynamically balanced
bullet Brushing roller to clean the fabric and pile after shearing process
bullet Metal Detector
bullet Seem detector
bullet For operators safety side door guards on the machine are interlocking system which stop the machine once one is opened (Alert on operator console and indication on tower light if it open and machine will not work)
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